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Margreet Riemeijer

Gamos Crete Weddings

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Questions you may have


Please find some of the most popular questions we receive. Your question not among them?

Or you require more information?

Than please contact us

Do you always need a wedding planner?

In Greece it is necessary because of the language and because of the cultural differences.

Your wedding planner knows how to arrange things with Greeks who deal differently with time and organisation than you may be used to in your own country.

Does the wedding planner speaks English?

Yes, she speaks Dutch, English, Greek and German.

What are the wedding possibilities for tourists in Greece?

In Crete we can organize 3 types of weddings for you:

1) Official wedding.

2) Ceremonial wedding.

3) Church wedding.

What is a ceremonial wedding?

The ceremonial wedding is not recognized by the state, but it allows the couple the freedom to experience their wedding as they have intended. It is perfect for the wedding couples who dream about a fairy tales wedding on Crete.

It does not matter if the couple is married or just choosing for this event. Often it is decided to marry by the mayor in the town hall, after which the ceremonial wedding is held a day later in a beautiful location.

Who conducts the ceremony?

1) The official ceremony is carried out by the mayor.

2) The ceremonial wedding is carried out by a qualified celebrant from our wedding department.

3) The church ceremony is carried out by a priest in a Greek Orthodox Church.

Is the wedding ceremony in Greek?

1) The official ceremony is in the Greek language and is translated by the wedding planner on the spot.

2) The ceremonial wedding can (when possible) be done in your own language.

3) The church ceremony is in the Greek language and is translated by the wedding planner on the spot.

Can the wedding planner assist us with the legal paperwork?

Yes, all you have to do is apply for personal documents in your country. Then you can send these documents to the wedding planner who will take care of further processing.

How many days before the wedding we have to be on the island?

Three (3) days before the wedding takes place you have to be on the island.

Can the wedding planner help us with flights and accommodation during our stay?

Yes, there are accommodations listed on the website that we can book for you. We can also give you advice about flights and where to book them. Flights to Chania (Airport code CHQ).

There are domestic flights from Athens and Thessaloniki to Chania airport.

There are regular flights from April – October direct to Chania airport from The Netherlands, UK, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Germany, France, Belgium, Scandinavia and other European destinations.

Is it possible to arrange hairdresser, make-up artist and nail technician for the bride and the bridal party?

Yes, this is possible. We have our own team of hairdressers and nail stylists.

is it possible to arrange a photographer or even a video of our wedding ceremony?

Yes, that can be arranged on the spot. Gamos Crete does business with leading companies that deliver high quality material.

What is the best time to get married in Crete?

Crete has a mild spring, a long hot summer and a warm autumn.

More accommodations are available in the spring and autumn, because all major accommodations are booked full during the main season.

Preference for most wedding couples is to have their wedding in the spring or autumn.

Is it possible to have special transport during my wedding?

Yes, we can offer you any special means of transport you can think of; like a donkey, a horse and carriage, a boot and even a (small) train!.

Can we have wedding favours / sugared almonds?

Yes, we arrange this in several different styles and colours to suit your wedding theme.

Is our marriage legal outside Greece?

Yes it is.

Your wedding planner will take care of the marriage certificate and the official translation and you will take this with you to your country.

Can we get wedding rings or even the wedding dress at Crete itself?

Yes, this is possible. In Crete we work together with the best suppliers of the island. Your wedding planner will advise you and arrange the appointments you require.